The Hemispheres
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The Hemispheres perform an eclectic selection of Soul/Motown and R&B standards, along with a few dusty gems for good measure! With over 12 years of playing experience, a full 9 piece band gets the dance floor moving and will leave you wanting more.


Sweet Soul Music

Whether playing a club date, a wedding, or a private event, The Hemispheres will bring you back in time with each performance and ensure that everyone in the audience is having as much fun as they are on stage.

The Hemispheres are committed to re-creating this timeless music with the same passion as it was originally recorded.

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With “Off The Mound", The Hemispheres serve as the house band in collaboration with former Chicago Cubs pitcher Ryan Dempster to deliver a late night style talk show featuring stories and laughs from current and former MLB legends. Announcing 2019 dates soon!


Upcoming Shows

We had The Hemispheres play our wedding in 2015 and attendees are still asking us for the band’s contact information. Our family and friends will never forget the music that made the night complete. The Hemispheres can get people moving across multiple generations and that isn’t easily accomplished.
— Jason & Katie


For all booking inquiries, please complete the form or e-mail us at For urgent requests, call Patrick at (773) 454-3328.

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